Public transport stops in Ruse have become works of art

Public transport stops in Ruse have become works of art
Public transport stops in Ruse have become works of art

Three public transport stops in Ruse – in front of the Central Railway Station, “Substation” and “Youth House” – have turned into 3D art panels.

This happened during the traditional “Street Art Plein Air”, organized by the Municipal Foundation “Ruse – City of the Free Spirit” with the financial support of the companies “Tiva Plus” and “Holeman”.

The three art panels present the creative concept of the talented artists from “Giart” – “All roads lead to Ruse”, which aims to present the city as open to visitors. Transport connectivity is an important part of the appearance of any settlement, and Ruse can be defined as a hospitable and accessible city with a variety of transport options. In Ruse, work continues on the creation of a good urban and non-urban bicycle network, and the architectural features provide great opportunities for walking tours as well.

In addition to aesthetic goals, “Street Art Plein Air” also aims to improve the quality of the urban environment. The technique used by Giart artists is the so-called “casing”. It is pasting posters or large-format drawings (prints) photographs on facades of buildings, roadside walls, roofs and other elements of the urban environment. In this case, the 3D drawings are printed on a transparent film that lets sunlight through as well as provides visibility without compromising the integrity of the artwork.

The creative team “Giart” consists of the sisters Nevena and Evgenia Lefterovi, who are leading names in the field of street art in our country. Their main goal is the popularization of this art in Bulgaria, as well as the promotion of young authors working in the field of 3D graffiti and street art.

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