A man has won a competition in the US with a picture generated by artificial intelligence

A man entered an art competition with a work generated by artificial intelligence and won first prize. Jason Allen, who is president of Colorado-based board game company Incarnate Games, broke the news in a Discord post, The Iconomist Times reported.

Jason Allen won in the digital art category with his work Théâtre D’opéra Spatial. The picture, which looks like a mix of classical opera and outer space, was not drawn by Allen, but a creation of artificial intelligence software Midjourney.

The man did not use a digital brush to create the artwork. The picture is generated by the artificial intelligence with the help of its prompts.

Alan explained that he created 100 images with the AI ​​software and after many weeks of fine-tuning and selection, he chose the three best and printed them on canvas after scaling up.

Against this background, angry posts of artists who are not satisfied with the development of the contest appeared on Twitter. This has given rise to a heated discussion about artificial intelligence killing creative professions.

Despite the debate on the topic and remarks from skeptics, Allen is feeling positive after his victory.

“I will not stop now. This victory only emboldens my mission,” he declared.

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