The writer Ivelina Radionova with a literary meeting in Vidin

The writer Ivelina Radionova with a literary meeting in Vidin
The writer Ivelina Radionova with a literary meeting in Vidin

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The writer Ivelina Radionova will present his book “To the Boyan Master” in Vidin. This is her 13th book, and the edition contains the novel of the same name and 11 short stories. Ivelina Radionova was born in Provadia, where she still lives today, and is defined by literary critics as an author who affirms the eternal and the impermanent through the values ​​of native folklore and traditions. The book tells about the time of the most skilled painter – the Boyan master, whose frescoes impress with an exquisite drawing, but the touching story of an impossible love is embedded in them. Revealing different nuances in the feelings of her characters, the author awakens the warmth and longing for a bygone era in which duty, honor and morality were placed on a pedestal. Every true Bulgarian can draw strength from the stories described in the book. Bulgaria starts from the mother’s caress, from the threshold of the native home, from the first history lesson and ends with the last beat of the heart, says Ivelina Radionova.

“This is a journey back in time. I rely on the Bulgarian traditions, on the moral order, and I want the Bulgarian spirit to rise again and again. Love is always present in one form or another. Here I decided to dwell on an old legend – a legend about a secret and at first sight impossible love between a beautiful ruler – the Sebastocrator Desislava and the painter, whose name and face we do not know. His name is still disputed.”

Ivelina Radionova is the author of the poetry collections “Golden Threads”, “Bulgaria in the Heart”, “Longing for the Sun”, as well as the short stories “Love” and “Altana”.

“I definitely don’t stop at just one topic, but I try to make my work comprehensive. I started with poetry, it was my first thrill, but I continued with prose. Even today, the patriotic theme is present. I write about love, I write about family relationships, about friendship, for nature.”

The stories of Ivelina Radionova touch the reader in a way that no contemporary 21st century writer does. Patriotism is felt in every story told and makes us feel proud to be Bulgarians. The literary meeting with the author and the presentation of her book “To the Boyan Master” will begin at 10:30 a.m., on Saturday, November 4, in the hall of the Vidin community center “Cvyat 1870”.

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