Johnny Velinov will present his book in Dobrich

Johnny Velinov will present his book in Dobrich
Johnny Velinov will present his book in Dobrich

The legendary former goalkeeper of the Bulgarian national football team, Georgi Velinov-Johni, will present his autobiographical book “Johnny Velinov. My Story” to football fans in Dobrich on November 8 at the “Dora Gabe” Regional Library in Dobrich. The authors of the edition are Georgi Velinov and Nikolay Alexandrov, the library reports. The starting time is 17:30.

When it comes to that great CSKA team of the first half of the 1980s, the memories invariably start with the goalkeeper. Several legendary Reds players are listed, but first up is always Johnny Velinov.

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The guard who was recognized by both his own and rivals. The goalkeeper whose interventions changed football history forever. One decisive display in the last minute of the second leg against Liverpool – sometimes that’s enough for a career. An epic game in the middle of San Sebastian (vs. Real Sociedad) – many others would have been satisfied with just that. But not Georgi Velinov. He does much more for CSKA, added the cultural institute.

He has to leave, then comes back again, does a lot of experiments – in our country and in Europe, but the “Army” remains forever that home where they wait for him, the place where the doors are constantly open for him.

Johnny’s story is not just football. The life of this true legend was not always marked by the red color of triumph, victories often gave way to losses. Real life losses. After which you have to find the strength to pull yourself together to continue. To stay upright. As befits a great goalkeeper. With the emblem of CSKA on his chest, concludes the message from the “Dora Gabe” library.

At the end of October, “Dora Gabe” Regional Library in Dobrich started the implementation of the activities under a project of the Ministry of Culture – “Dora Gabe Regional Library – a modern, accessible and inspiring space for professional and personal development of the local community”, reports the cultural institution. The library carried out the planned visits to three public libraries in the Dobrich region to provide expert consulting and qualification assistance.

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