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New Books of the Week – November 5, 2023


Once a week “I read” presents you the new books on the market, selected by the publishers themselves. Stay tuned for our special format, but keep reading the reviews we do for you too. Because we want you to love books even more!

Summer at Tiffany’s by Karen Swann

Issued by: “Siela”
Publication date: October 30, 2023
Responsible editor: Hristo Blazhev
Editor: Ganka Filipovska
Concealer: Nia Haralampieva
Cover Artist: Fidelia Koseva

About the book: The long-awaited sequel to Karen Swan’s best-loved novel, A Christmas at Tiffany’s is now in bookstores! A marriage proposal is the dream ending right? He gets down on one knee, she says yes, the ring is on, and it’s all flowers and roses from here on out… But not for Cassie and Henry. The only thing the two have to do to achieve the coveted “happily ever after” is to plan their wedding. And Henry is ready to set the date. But Cassie still has to face some ghosts from the past…

The Silent Night of Hercule Poirot by Sophie Hanna

Issued by: “Era”
Publication date: October 30, 2023

About the book: December 19. Hercule Poirot and Inspector Edward Catchpool are called to investigate the murder of a man in a small hospital in Norfolk. While Poirot works on the case, Catchpool’s mother insists that he stay at the crumbling seaside mansion and spend the Christmas holidays together. A friend of hers will soon be admitted to the same hospital, and his wife is convinced that he will be the next victim of the stalking killer. The legendary Poirot has less than a week to solve this nightmarish case to prevent further murders and return home for Christmas. But in the meantime, someone else, someone extremely ruthless, has completely different plans for how the detective spends the holidays…

“Young Mungo” by Douglas Stewart

Issued by: “Labyrinth”
Publication date: October 30, 2023
Translation: Radostin Zhelev
Editor: Mila Tomanova
Concealer: Mila Tomanova
Bulgarian cover design: Ivan Maslarov

About the book: James and Mungo were born under different stars, one Catholic, the other Protestant. In 1990s Glasgow torn apart by fierce gang wars, the two boys should hate each other and be sworn enemies, but strong feelings develop between them. In a time of rampant bloody violence and intractable prejudice, Mungo must go to great lengths to hide his forbidden love – especially from his older brother Hamish, a gang leader who will do anything to protect the family honor.

“Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments” by Stepanka Sekaninova

Issued by: “Enthusiast”
Publication date: 30 October 2023
Translation: Maria Petrova
Editors: Simona Hristova, Maria Chuncheva
Illustrations: Jakub Tsekel
Cover Adaptation: Yana Argyropoulos

About the book: The cricket Dalibor wants to become a virtuoso musician. But which tool to start with? With a violin? With a guitar? With a trumpet? With everything at once? Well, he has six limbs, why not? Dalibor and his faithful friend – the nightingale Charlie, travel the world and learn interesting facts about musical instruments, some of which are familiar to you, and some of which are quite unusual. If you are at least a little interested in music, join Dalibor and Charlie to learn together with them the exciting stories of musical instruments.


“The House of Bees” by Tsanko Lalev

Issued by: “Hermes”
Publication date: October 31, 2023
Editorial: Valentin Georgiev
Cover Design: Zlatina Zareva

About the book: In the hospital room, Ralitsa Lazarova learns from television that her children – Nikola and Yana, aged 17 and 15, have disappeared near an ancient shrine near the house she surprisingly inherited. Crazy as it may seem, she knows exactly what happened. Despite the insidious disease, the mother joins the search. In the house, attached to an old stone tower, she finds written notebooks and carpets with strange scenes that she must study and understand in order to save her children.

“The Strange Sally Diamond” by Liz Nugent

Issued by: “Unicorn”
Publication date
: 31 October 2023
Translation: Boryana Dzhanabetska
Editorial: Julia Kostova
Cover and layout: Hristo Hadjitanev

About the book: Astounding and shocking from the first sentence to the last page – that’s how all of Liz Nugent’s novels are. The author of “Standing Evil”, “Small Cruelties” and “The Oliver Mystery” recreates in a shocking way the deviations in human behavior. Her latest novel, The Strange Sally Diamond, which became Ireland’s best-selling book of 2023, introduces us to another extraordinary character – a misfit woman who will face the consequences of her dark past. The author will present it personally in our country – on November 28 at the Greenwich Book Center.

“Mina, the spells and the white glass” by Vesela Flamburari

Issued by: IC “Gornata Zeme”
Publication date: November 1, 2023

About the book: Vesela Flamburari’s trilogy “Tales from the Upland” (“Mina, the Spells and the White Jar”, “Mina and the Divination Magic”, “Mina and the Secret of the Spells”) is a powerful text that changes the world for the better. The books have an intrigue that unfolds with quick and unexpected twists. The action leads to arguments, confrontations, and major pitched battles. Characters in the books are children, young people and adults. All characters have unique, interesting personalities and idiosyncrasies that are constantly evolving and instantly memorable. The book features: Roma characters, a blind hero, an albino, a Neanderthal, a chestnut wizard, a lizard witch. The series also has the perfect, creepy, negative characters. Clashes between the characters lead to tension that captivates the readers completely. Mina, the Spells and the White Jar is book one of the history of these intriguing worlds.

The Cat Who Taught Zen by James Norbury

Issued by: “East West”
Publication date:
November 2, 2023
Translation: Vera Yancelova
Editor: Vera Yancelova

About the book: It is a tale of a cat practicing Zen who hears of a lone ancient pine tree in a distant maple forest, among whose branches infinite wisdom can be found. Thus begins a journey of discovery.
On his way, the cat meets various animals: an anxious monkey and a turtle tired of life; an angry tiger, a confused wolf and a greedy raven. Everyone has stories to tell and lessons to share. But after a surprising encounter with a playful kitten, the cat questions everything he knows.

“Fairytales” by Maya Dalgacheva

Issued by: “Hummingbirds”
Publication date: 2 November 2023

About the book: A colorful book of rhyming tales has just been published, in which each story is dedicated to a different color. Yellow, green, red, pink, blue spring from the pages of these “Fables” to merge into cozy, funny and touching poems, suitable for both young and grown-up children. The lovely illustrations are the work of Liliana Dvoryanova!
… A small, quiet tale, not at all magical,
a whole dark forest lit up.
Today he will cuddle with you,
today you will feel bad
that you can do that too.

“No Ads” by Maggie Halvadjian, Vladi Aprilov

Issued by: Softpress
Publication date:November 3, 2023
Cover Design: Radoslav Donev

About the book: In the book, the man who overturned the ideas of the Bulgarian viewer about a show and completely transformed television in our country, talks openly about the vicissitudes, trials and successes in his life and spares nothing, offers exclusive access behind the scenes of some of the most loved, most discussed and the most interesting projects of the native show business.

The Fire Between High and Lo by Brittany S. Cherry

Issued by: “Egmont Publishing House”
Publication date: November 4, 2023
Translator: Gabriela Kozuharova
Editor: Vili Vulkanova
Proofreader: Ina Todorova
Cover Design: Kontur Creative

About the book: Logan Francis Silverstone was my complete opposite. I danced and he sat meekly. He was silent while I kept talking. It was hard for him to smile, and I couldn’t help but frown.
The night I truly saw the darkness in his soul, I couldn’t look away.
We were both hurt together and somehow whole. We weren’t meant for each other and yet we felt attracted. We were stars burning the heavens, chasing dreams, yearning for a better tomorrow.
Until one day I lost it. He ruined everything with one rash decision—a decision that changed us forever.
There was a boy and I loved him.
And for a few breaths, for a few sighs, for a few moments, I thought he loved me too.
Book two of the “Elements” series.

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