5 favorite books of the actor Anton Dimitrachkov

5 favorite books of the actor Anton Dimitrachkov
5 favorite books of the actor Anton Dimitrachkov

Each of us builds and changes our list of favorite books according to the period of our life and our mood. But there are certainly a few books that are the most important to us and have saved us in difficult times or made us happy in the happiest. The ones that will always be on the shelf.

In the column “ Favorite books of…” today, the actor Anton Dimitrachkov talks about his favorite books and why they are valuable to him.

Here’s what he told us:

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1. “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” – this book is my favorite because – science fiction allows you to immerse yourself in universes far from reality. Or as a sperm whale that suddenly appeared in the atmosphere would say – “To fall into a different world than yours”

2. “The Monkey” – I have been a fan of horror movies and scary stories since I was little, they have always impressed me. And then I realized that some of my favorite horror movies are based on books or stories by Stephen King. The Monkey is one of my favorite King short story collections.

3. “The Master and Margarita” is a timeless classic. I like the fact that the action unfolds in two parallel lines that alternate, as well as the oppositions of ideologies and values ​​that are touched upon in it. It is very interesting that Bulgakov wrote the book, knowing that, most likely, while he was alive, it would not see the light of day and be read by the general public.

4. “Alibi” – an absolute Christie’s classic. In this book, it is most evident in what depth the author understands the human psyche and logic, and how even in front of the readers (and under Poirot’s nose) she manages to mask a murderer who helps to solve the crime he himself committed.

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5. “The Law for the Child” – I like the author, and this is one of his favorite books. He always writes his characters as multi-layered, facing serious moral cases that you, as a reader, cannot solve alone. And the adaptation of the book starring Emma Thompson is very good!

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