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Number 1 astrologer with detailed forecast for every day

Practical advice for success, health and prosperity in the new year

Zodiac Secrets in the Year of the Green Wood Dragon

The number 1 astrologer in Bulgaria, Svetlana Tilkova-Alena, traditionally presented three new editions with detailed forecasts for the upcoming year 2024. “Astrological horoscope – 2024”, “Your calendar – 2024” and “Lunar calendar of beauty” are already on the market.

In the first edition for the twenty-third time, Alena’s annual astrological horoscope for each of the twelve zodiac signs shows you the way through the unknown future for each month of the year and helps you preserve your health during the critical days when the Moon is in your zodiac sign.

In the book, Alena reveals that the coming year 2024 is under the influence of vibration 8 and of Saturn – the planet of limitation and retribution for what was done in the previous nine years.

The year of reckoning is coming. Everyone – state, society, person, will receive the deserved punishment for the evil done, as well as for the unsolicited good. The planet teaches us the ability to get used to discipline, first of all in ourselves, in our feelings and desires.

The year 2024 will reveal to us the inhibitions created in our current life, the barriers, the prohibitions, the worries that we have carried over from a previous reincarnation and our karmic legacy. Saturn will shed light on the invisible shadows of the present life and in our karmic relations, blocking everyone’s path, as well as the development of the state, Alena also reveals.

In the publication, she explains that Saturn suppresses haste, acts slowly but steadily and helps to realize truths – pleasant or painful. Will it happen? It depends on our personal choice and the ability not to forget that we are public figures, because responsibilities do not end at the doorstep of our home.

Throughout the year 2024, we are active to the point of dissipation, versatile – either passive and worried, or charged with activity, persistent, combative and very energetic. Saturn will help those striving for a dream peak to gain recognition, but through their work and not through empty words, even when speaking is their professional field.

The positive thing about the year is that for quite a few people, 2024 will be financially secure, so much so that they will not be interested in society and the way of the state. The planet of karma promises us a life of extremes – an easy but extremely difficult year for each of us and for the rulers, whoever they are. We are facing the fifth difficult year out of nine possible years.

The Eastern horoscope reveals the secrets of the zodiac in the year of the Green Wooden Dragon, which begins on February 10, 2024 at 00:59:03 Bulgarian time. The connection between the western and eastern zodiac gives you the chance to succeed in any situation, the top astrologer points out.

Suitable days for ventures, marriage or large purchases

“Your calendar 2024” – a guide for the whole family

Vibration 24 – of prominent material aspirations

Difficult periods and how to avoid them are indicated for each birth date.

In the second edition of “Your Calendar 2024” Alena reveals that the coming year will pass under the motto – “Tiredness, work, success, money”. Vibration 8 and Saturn rule in 2024. The two couples are a sign of obedience even to what we don’t like, of tact, patience, reason, awareness. The Pluto zero in 2024 brings conciliation and a desire for understanding between generations, as opposed to the war between them in the previous years.

Vibration 24 – of prominent material aspirations, fully coincides with the materialism of Saturn.

Alena’s traditional yearbook for the twenty-second time in a row gives you information about your calendar year 2024, for every month and day of it, for every date of birth. The book is a guide for the whole family and helps you choose the right day for ventures, for taking a loan, for buying a home, for marriage.

For each birth date, difficult periods are indicated and advice on how to avoid them. When to invest money and when not to spend. Success lies with the foresight, and the first step towards it is accurate and true information. “Your calendar 2024” shows you the right path among the many tempting, but crowned with failure, Alena points out.

When to visit a beautician or dentist

“Lunar calendar of beauty” – for successful diets and procedures

The moon influences life and body


The third edition of “Lunar beauty calendar 2024” – a useful guide on how to be healthy and beautiful in 2024 is published in its sixteenth consecutive edition. For each day of the year, Alena has indicated the prohibited and permitted procedures, regardless of whether you undergo them at home, in a beauty salon or in a plastic surgeon’s clinic. She indicated the days suitable for tooth extraction and treatment, for a haircut, for a hairdresser, for conception and impossible for conception, as well as the periods during which the diet has the desired effect.

The moon influences life and body both with its presence in the zodiac signs and as a lunar day of the monthly calendar. The moon does not force anyone to listen to her voice, but to all who have heard it, she bestows both health and beauty.

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