Favorite books of the actor Teodor Elmazov

Favorite books of the actor Teodor Elmazov
Favorite books of the actor Teodor Elmazov

Each of us builds and changes our list of favorite books according to the period of our life and our mood. But there are certainly a few books that are the most important to us and have saved us in difficult times or made us happy in the happiest. The ones that will always be on the shelf.

In the section “ Favorite books of…” today, the actor Teodor Elmazov talks about his favorite books and why they are valuable to him.

Here’s what he told us:

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1. The Bible

Behind or after it I would place the Mahabharata – Ramayana, Panchatatra as books that are the basis of life, meaning and morality!

2. “Civilization” by Kenneth Clarkethrough which you can educate yourself about great art and great authors!

3. “The Sirius Riddle” by Robert Temple with the fantastic scientific evidence of extraterrestrial presence and the ancient Dogonie legends of aliens from Sirius!

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4. “Morning of the Magicians” by Louis Povel and Jacques Bergier about the lost knowledge of humanity, about the intertwining of worlds, about secret societies and whether we realize that we live among living myths and legends!

5. “From Whom We Descended” by Ernst Muldashev about humanity’s gene pool, who created it, who controls evolution, and can it restore life in the event of a global catastrophe?

6. In the third direction I put Shakespeare with his dramas, comedies, tragicomedies and romances!

7. Cervantes with “Don Quixote”, Hasek with “Schweik”, Boccaccio with “Decameron”, Goethe with “Faust”, Brecht and his compositions, plays and stories, Chekhov with “Plays and Stories”, Bulgakov with everything written by him, such as let’s start “The Master and Margarita” and end with “Heart of a Dog”, I must not miss Aeschylus, Sophocles, Aristophanes…there are just too many.

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8. The absurdists, among whom I place Beckett, Ionesco, Mrozek with their absurd plays

9. Fantasists Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury…

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