Publications for children and adults on the Book Alley

The long-awaited Alley of the Book in Sofia was launched with great interest. On “Vitosha” Blvd. and part of the square in front of the NDK, there are more than 120 publishing houses, which until September 11 will offer their most current titles.

The event is part of the Cultural Calendar of the capital and was officially opened with a congratulatory address by Mrs. Iliana Yotova, Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Exciting meetings with authors and publishers await visitors in the coming days. And from the very first day, the most impatient at the stand of the “Trud” Book Publishing House were the little readers, who eagerly got hold of books from the “Golden Children’s Books” and Peter Rabbit series. And even with Levski’s Notebook.

The greatest interest is in the deluxe edition of Henry Kissinger’s last book, Leadership. The book is published especially for the Alley of the Book and can be purchased there for BGN 44 (with a cover price of BGN 55). In Leadership, Kissinger examines the strategies of six great twentieth-century figures and summarizes his theory of leadership and diplomacy. After World War II, Konrad Adenauer brought a defeated and morally bankrupt Germany back into the community of nations through what Kissinger called a “strategy of humility.” Charles de Gaulle placed France alongside the victorious Allies and restored its historic greatness through a “strategy of the will”. During the Cold War, Richard Nixon gave the United States a geostrategic advantage through his “balancing strategy.” After twenty-five years of conflict, Anwar Sadat brought a vision of peace to the Middle East through a “strategy of transcendence.” Lee Kuan Yew created a powerful and independent Singapore through a “strategy of excellence”. And although Britain was known as the ‘sick man of Europe’, when Margaret Thatcher came to power, she renewed her country’s morale and international standing through a ‘strategy of persuasion’.

Come until September 11 inclusive, stand number 10.

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