Elif Shafak, Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman will participate in the Ukrainian book festival

Elif Shafak, Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman will participate in the Ukrainian book festival
Elif Shafak, Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman will participate in the Ukrainian book festival

World-renowned writers, including the Nobel laureate Abdulrazak Gurna and Booker Prize Winner Margaret Atwoodwill partner with Ucain writers during the Lviv BookForum, writes The Guardian. The largest book festival in the Ukrainian city of Lviv will be held live and online from October 6 to 9. A partner of the forum this year is the Hay festival, thanks to which all 15 events from Ukraine will be broadcast online for free. A number of meetings have also been prepared specifically for an international digital audience.

Hay Festival International Director Cristina Fuentes La Roche said the program was full of inspiration.

“This program is an act of defiance, a challenge to those who would limit free expression and the tolerant exchange of ideas, and a catalyst for global change,” she added.

Within the program, Margaret Atwood will engage in a conversation with the Ukrainian psychologist Yuriy Prokhasko. The Turkish writer Elif Shafak will participate in a conversation with the Ukrainian writer Katerina Kalitko. Among the names of the participants are the Israeli anthropologist Yuval Noah Harari, as well as the British writer Neil Gaimanwho will have a conversation with the Ukrainian journalist Sevgil Musaeva.

Nobel laureate Gurna will meet with the Ukrainian historian Olena Styazhkina and the Mexican activist Lydia Cacho. The neurosurgeon will also appear Henry Marsh and the lawyers and activists Larisa Denisenko and Philip Sands.

Gaiman commented that holding the festival at a time when the country is at war is “a brave act of resistance and allows writers like me to stand in solidarity with writers and readers in Ukraine” Marsh, who visits Ukraine and works with fellow neurosurgeons there for 30 years, explained that the event was “a wonderful expression of the fact that Ukraine is truly a part of Europe – historically and culturally.” The curator and journalist of Lviv BookForum Sofia Chelyak said the program was “designed to deal with uncomfortable questions that may not have an unequivocal answer.

“It’s a place for writers and readers to ask questions and tell their stories, a conversation that takes place in defiance of the evil that seeks to crush our freedom,” she added.

All events will be broadcast online, completely free of charge, with Ukrainian and English subtitles available live, and Spanish – added after the event.

Lviv is the largest city in western Ukraine and the country’s sixth largest, and has remained largely safe from hostilities.

You can see the full program on the Hay Festival website, where all events will be broadcast.

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