A new Pelevin novel comes out on September 29

A new Pelevin novel comes out on September 29
A new Pelevin novel comes out on September 29

Victor Pelevin’s new novel “KGBT+” will premiere on September 29. The Russian publishing house “Exmo” announced that the start of sales is scheduled for 20:22 on the 29th. The circulation is 80,000 copies. The book is also available as a digital copy on the “LitRes” platform and in an audio format voiced by “Russian stars”, the publisher’s website reported.

Pelevin’s previous novel Transhumanism Inc. was released on August 26, 2021. At the time, it was reported that Pelevin, who turns 60 in November, would not be publishing any new novels. The author of “Chapaev and the Void”, “Generation P”, “Werewolf Metamorphoses”, “The Helmet of Horror” is one of the most famous modern Russian writers. He first graduated in electromechanics at the Moscow Technical University, and then at the Maxim Gorky Literary Institute. He collaborated for several years with the magazine “Science and Religion”, where he wrote articles on Eastern mysticism. His first novel was published in 1989.

Pelevin traditionally avoids frequent public appearances, gives interviews extremely rarely. However, he allows some of his works to be published on his official site for non-commercial distribution. Some of his novels have been dramatized into sound files. He has been translated into most of the world’s languages ​​(including Japanese and Chinese), his plays have been performed on the stages of London and Paris.

His works bear some of the characteristics of science fiction, but are masked by a multi-layered postmodernist sound, in which elements of pop culture and esoteric philosophy are mixed. In his books, the world and reality are often presented as changing, completely amenable to human consciousness, will and intuition: Pelevin leaves the reader to decide for himself what exactly is happening. To emphasize this, he adds the following note at the beginning of some of his books: “Any thought that occurs while reading this book is subject to copyright. Unlicensed thinking is prohibited.” In the stories, he reveals characteristic features of the Russian people in the transition after the collapse of the USSR, skilfully entwining a thread from the teachings and understandings of the Far East. Genre fantasy legend Ursula Le Guin sees Pelevin as continuing the mighty tradition of Russian social satire, beginning with Gogol and continuing through Bulgakov.

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