The man-history retires, the researcher Dr. Shivachev continues to write books

“Until yesterday I was the director of the History Museum, from today I am already the historian – a researcher who will continue to write books about history and notable personalities from the region,” said excitedly the former director of the museum, which over the years he turned into an institution.

“I was able to realize my dream that the museum serves His Majesty the visitor, because the Museum should have the sanctity of a temple, the academicism of a university, to be an institution that works for the benefit of society. I am happy that I have fulfilled what I promised years ago”, said Stefan Shivachev. At the end of his speech, he presented the mayor Zdravko Dimitrov and the new director Stoyan Ivanov with his last book about Hadji Gyoka Pavlov.

Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov presented him with a plaque and a congratulatory address. “As a director, you dedicated 27 years, a whole life, to society as a historian, publicist and scientist. You managed to turn ROME into a national, significant, desirable place for the citizens of the city,” said the mayor and wished the historian to continue to be the link between past, present and future. He also handed him a congratulatory address from the regional governor Angel Stoev.

The Chairman of the Municipal Council, Alexander Durzhikov, thanked for the good cooperation over the years, and wished the new director success and “good luck”. No less moved, he turned to his predecessor, saying: “When I was younger, you were the first person I turned to for advice and help, and over the years I have always received the best advice from you. I promise you that everything you have done will be continued and built upon.”

Flowers, a certificate and thanks on behalf of the Council for Tourism were presented by its chairman Lubozr Fratev, which he supplemented with a gift from the “Defile of Young Wine”. The ceremony for the retirement of Dr. Shivachev and the inauguration of the new detective Stoyan Ivanov was attended by the mayor’s deputies Todor Chonov and Plamen Panov, the former deputy minister of culture Amelia Gesheva, intellectuals and public figures.


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