A book about Berdyaev and the revolution

A book about Berdyaev and the revolution
A book about Berdyaev and the revolution

The book “Nikolay Berdyaev. Revolution and Philosophy” will be presented this evening in Shumen, in the Stiliyan Chilingirov Regional Library. The author of the publication is Prof. Dobromir Dobrev, professor at Shumen University. The premiere of the book is from 18:00.

Emphasis is placed on reading the revolution and history with the great Russian philosopher of the previous 20th century. We remind you that Berdyaev is part of the Russian religious renaissance, defines himself as a personalistic philosopher. He is the author of “Philosophy of Inequality”, “On Slavery and the Freedom of Man”, “Sources and Meaning of Russian Communism”, “Dostoevsky’s Worldview”, “Self-Knowledge” and many other books.

For Berdyaev, the revolution is not just an abstract topic, but a reality that is actively present in his life. After the October Revolution, in 1922, the Russian government expelled Berdyaev, who was critical of the Bolsheviks, out of the country, along with over a hundred famous intellectuals. Life in Berlin and Paris followed, where Berdyaev continued to be excited by the fate of Russia and Europe, by sociality and socialism, by revolution, freedom and coercion, by creative and spiritual beginnings, by Russian messianism, by eschatology, by God-man and Man-God.

Hear more about Berdyaev’s assessment of the revolution and his philosophy from the conversation with Prof. Dobromir Dobrev.

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