Maria Kasimova-Moase, Vasil Popov, Ray Bradbury, Haruki Murakami – 3 + 3 books for the weekend

Are there cozy books? In our humble understanding, there are titles that manage to envelop us like a warm blanket, warm us like a cup of aromatic tea and make us feel as comfortable as if we were sitting by a sunny window on a pleasant autumn day.

With the first real autumn days, we collect not three, but six, with which to spend a full weekend. Three are new book titles and the other three are audio books from Storytel’s rich catalog that we can listen to anywhere, anytime.

goodbye summer”

The dandelions are in bloom, and with their flying seeds, the innocence of summer is gone. At the beginning of October, an unusual war breaks out in Green Town – the young oppose the old. An elderly man falls to the ground after being hit by a pellet gun shot.

Source: Storytel

A gray-haired Calvin Quartermain is ready to gather the veterans to take revenge on the murderer – 13-year-old Doug Spaulding. For Doug, the changes are yet to come – the first kiss, the creeping manhood, the end of childhood. With the voice of Dimitar Zhivkov.

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman”

One of the earlier collections of short stories by our favorite storyteller from Japan – Haruki Murakami – is finally being published in Bulgarian. And it is both a surprising and satisfying encounter with the surreal worlds of the author.

Source: Collage / Hummingbirds

Inside await us 24 stories that explore the human soul in the most unusual way, meet us with impossible characters, walk us from Greece to Hawaii to Japan, and show us that Murakami’s fantasy knows no bounds.

Ed. Hummingbirds, BGN 23

Wolf Tales”

We continue on a “short form” wave with Vasil Popov’s stories. Real and magical intertwine in them, because against the background of the thorny lands, stories unfold in which people and their earthly longings collide with heroes from folklore and the power of age-old legends.

Photo 588611

Source: Storytel

When he craves freedom and agency, man is on the verge of forgetting who he is and turning into a wolf. Especially when living in troubled times. With the voice of Alexander Voronov.

Cities on Paper”

The image of Emily Dickinson is shrouded in mystery. America’s most famous poet, the woman in white, the gardener, the loner. The Canadian writer Dominique Fortier tries to shed light on all these aspects of her life.

Photo 588614

Source: Collage / Labyrinth

Her novelized biography is more of a glimpse into the poet’s soul and the endless worlds within her into which she retreats when her demons begin to haunt her.

Ed. Labyrinth, BGN 17.90

Notes from Chateau Lacrot: Residence “Zlocuchane”

One of the most successful comedy Bulgarian audio series is back with a second season. Maria Kasimova-Moise continues to entertain us with stories about what happens when France and Shopluka collide.

Photo 588612

Source: Storytel

The Lacrot family arrives in Bulgaria and, more precisely, in the village of Zlokuchane, awaiting the birth of Kalina and Didier’s baby. There, the famous Bulgarian hospitality awaits them in the person of aunt Dochka and uncle Trifon. With the voice of Bogdana Trifonova.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring”

Johannes Vermeer is one of the mysteries of the Dutch painting school. He painted exactly 35 canvases, which are characterized by the unusual play of lights and shadows.

Photo 588615

Source: Collage / Obsidian

One of his most famous paintings is “The Girl with the Pearl Earring”, and it shows the servant Greet with the pearl earrings of Vermeer’s wife. The appearance of the canvas causes a real scandal and will forever change the life of 16-year-old Greet.

Ed. Obsidian, BGN 19.

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