A book about travel, emigration, pain and joy

A book about travel, emigration, pain and joy
A book about travel, emigration, pain and joy

While traveling between the States and Bulgaria, Burgas-born poet Katerina Stoykova wrote and published books that earned her loyal fans. The last one is called “American Delicacies” and in a special way it is connected with her other two previous collections of poems “How God Punishes” and “Second Skin”. “I asked myself the question: ‘What do I want for this book?'” she writes, and the answer is clear to me. I would like “American delicacies” to be part of the Bulgarian literary conversation. To have the opportunity to add a voice to the general chorus. Even the thought for this it kindles joy in me.”

In an interview of Antonia Apostolova for Literaturen Vestnik, she shared: “I myself follow the emotion when I write, and this is my most infallible guide. For “Second Skin” the emotion was close to reality. The emotion in “How God Punishes” is purposefully abstract. “American Delicacies” is somewhere in the middle, with a touch of irony, I hope.” the remaining one? In my opinion, the one who knows what he wants and allows himself to take steps towards it has an advantage. Sometimes these steps lead to a plane and another place, sometimes to a continuation of what has already been started. Life between is a cowardly state, an excuse for not living, which damages both experiences and depth. I have tried to recreate the feeling of weightlessness and endless escape in some of the poems”.

The collection of poems “American delicacies” has already been presented in Plovdiv, in Veliko Tarnovo, in Burgas and on the Alley of the Book in Sofia, where the report is from. However, the official premiere in the capital is coming up on September 28.

Listen to a report from the conversation of publisher Nevena Dishlieva-Krasteva with Katerina Stoykova.

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