Amazon Project Kuiper and the three satellite dishes for wireless internet

Project Kuiper is the name of the Starlink-equivalent service that Amazon is preparing to launch in the near future.

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Recently, Jeff Bezos’ company announced that it will invest more than 10 billion dollars. dollars in sending more than 3,000 satellites into low orbit, which, like those of SpaceX, will offer a global Internet network.

This week, the company for the first time showed off its own mini-satellite dishes, or antennas, through which Project Kuiper’s internet connection will happen.

A total of three models were presented – Standard, Ultra-compact and Pro, and each of them will be designed for a certain package or type of subscription to the service.

Ultra-compact is a compact square with a side of about 15 centimeters and will be intended for home use at speeds up to 100Mbps.

The slightly larger Standard model is again square with a size of 25 centimeters on each side and will support speeds of up to 400Mbps.

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The Pro model seems to be a solution suitable for businesses and is a much bulkier antenna, which, however, provides a connection speed of up to 1Gbps.

We don’t yet know exactly how much Project Kuiper’s services will cost, but Amazon reveals that the cost of manufacturing the Standard antenna is under $400.

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Amazon is expected to start sending its satellites into orbit next year, but there is no exact date for the launch of the service.

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