Citroen launches an electric car for the people


A compact model with an attractive price for European consumers

320 km range on a single charge and a maximum speed of 135 km/h

For many people, the transition to electric mobility ends when they look at the price lists of new cars. So far, affordable models (with very few exceptions) are in short supply, so most potential buyers are turning to internal combustion cars. A change in this situation may occur with the launch of the electric Citroen C3 early next year. It is a compact model with a more favorable price compared to many other electric cars.

The announced starting price of 23,300 euros gave reasons to declare it the first electric car “in the pocket” of European drivers. In 2025, an even more affordable version of the model with a smaller battery and a price of 19,990 euros will follow.

Citroen informs that the C3 will change the rules in the highly competitive B-segment, offering first-class comfort, high levels of equipment and excellent value for money that the customer has to pay for an all-electric car made in Europe. In reality, the C3 has always enjoyed great popularity. Every third Citroen sold in Europe is exactly like this.

In electric cars, mileage is a major factor, and the entry-level version of the new C3 model has a 44-kilowatt-hour battery. It covers a range of 320 km, and charging from 20 to 80% of capacity takes 26 minutes at a 100 kW station. To the delight of fans of internal combustion engines – Citroen will release such versions as well.

The highlight of the car’s presentation, however, is electrification at a bargain price. This is no accident, as the company’s patron Andre Citroen was one of the pioneers of mass mobility in Europe when he rolled his first car off the first European assembly line in 1919.

In Citroen’s genes is laid comfort when traveling, which in the new C3 model is expressed in a combination of special suspension and special seats with particularly thick foam, which are offered for the first time in a small car. Passengers will have the feeling of sitting in a comfortable armchair. In addition, for the first time, all C3 versions are equipped with an innovative progressive suspension designed for maximum comfort. In this system, instead of mechanical limiters, progressive hydraulic shock absorbers are used – for compression and for decompression. This maximizes the “filtering” of bumps in the road.

The first versions will be powered by an electric motor with a capacity of 113 horsepower, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 11 seconds. The maximum driving speed is 135 km/h. Through a dedicated e-ROUTES app, drivers can plan trips, monitor real-time battery status, manage charging schedules, check location and perform other functions remotely.

In the field of design, for the first time a production Citroen car comes with the brand’s new oval logo. The styling of the lights is also new. Body dimensions remain compact with a length of 4.01 m and a width of 1.76 m.

New display in front of the driver


Citroen has always been a brand that does things differently from other car manufacturers. Therefore, it is not surprising that the new C3 model lacks the classic instrument panel in front of the steering wheel. Instead, a new type of Head-up display is implemented. It provides information that projects driving data onto a glossy black area between the top edge of the dashboard and the bottom edge of the windshield. A 10.25-inch screen completes the information system.

The car offers maximum connectivity and a rich package of safety and assistance systems. Active Brake Assist works day and night at speeds from 5 to 135 km/h. Another assistant exercises active control over the movement in the lane. The driver receives warnings in case of danger and accumulated fatigue. Traffic sign restrictions are shown on the display, and the cruise control allows the driver to limit his speed to the permitted speed.

Other useful features are hill start assistants, low beam and high beam switching, parking obstacle warning, rear camera and more.

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