The owner of “Vivacom” asked the CPC for permission to acquire “Bulsatcom” from Spas Rusev

The owner of “Vivacom” asked the CPC for permission to acquire “Bulsatcom” from Spas Rusev
The owner of “Vivacom” asked the CPC for permission to acquire “Bulsatcom” from Spas Rusev

The owner of “Vivacom” – “United Group Bulgaria” requested from the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) the acquisition of direct sole control over “Viva Corporate Bulgaria” and indirect sole control over “Bulsatcom” EOOD, “Bulsatcom – Sales” EOOD, ” Internet Group” Ltd., “Powernet” Ltd. and “Extremenet” Ltd. A check of Mediapool on the Antimonopoly Commission’s public register of requested concentrations showed this.

A few days ago, in an official announcement, “United Group” announced that it had signed a contract for the acquisition of the satellite TV provider “Bulsatcom”. The company is currently owned by “Bulsatcom Investment Limited”, headquartered in Great Britain. The real owner is Spas Rusev.

“United Group” is asking the CPC to acquire Spas Rusev’s other company “Viva Corporate Bulgaria”, to which it granted a loan of 127 million euros, through which it finalized the transaction on the acquisition of “Bulsatcom” (Bulsatcom). This deal was announced in a presentation on United Group’s financial results for the nine months of 2022.

A check in the Commercial Register shows that the owner of “Viva Corporate Bulgaria” is “Viva Corporate S.a.r.l.”, Luxembourg. The actual owners of the company are James Body, Ireland, Christian Taylor, France and Spas Rusev, Bulgaria. Spas Rusev acquired “Bulsatcom” in 2021 precisely through his company Viva Corporate Bulgaria (“Viva Corporate Bulgaria”).

Allegations of unfair competition

Despite the fact that the owner of “Vivacom” announced the forming deal to acquire “Bulsatcom”, at the end of last week “Bulsatcom” accused “Vivacom” of unfair competition.

“In connection with received signals from our customers about receiving proposals from representatives of “Vivacom” for transfer to their services, we would like to state that we find similar practices aimed directly at our customers to be a form of unfair competition in conditions of continued proceedings for a possible future acquisition of “Bulsatcom” by “Vivacom”Bulsatcom pointed out at the time.

Permission is requested for the acquisition of subsidiaries as well

“United Group” requests permission from the CPC also for the acquisition of the subsidiary of “Bulsatcom” – “Internet Group”, as well as “Powernet” EOOD, which is owned by the aforementioned “Internet Group”.

The owner of “Vivacom” expresses a desire to the CPC also to acquire “Extremenet EOOD”, which is owned by the mentioned “Powernet” EOOD.

After the announcement of the signed contract for the acquisition of “Bulsatcom” by “United Group”, a reaction came from the other two telecoms. A1 and “Yettel” announced that they will appeal to the CPC the deal of “United Group” for “Bulsatcom”.

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