Bulgarian companies can now use quantum computers


Customers of the Equinix company in Bulgaria and the whole world get access to infrastructure based on quantum computers, after it announced its cooperation with Alice & Bob, developer of one of the most reliable quantum processors. This is important news for businesses that deal with processing large volumes of information, as it could, in theory, bring them significantly better performance.

Unlike traditional computers, those based on the principles of quantum mechanics have so-called qubits. They can exist in a superposition of two states (not just 0 or 1). This enables faster and more efficient computations within tasks such as simulation, optimization, machine learning and cryptography.

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Sectors that rely on highly intensive computing power such as sustainable energy, the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, and financial services are among those that will be radically changed by the technology by 2035. Thus, according to Equinix, they are expected to potentially gain a value of up to 1 .3 trillion US dollars.

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However, the technology still has a way to go. While modern quantum computers may suffer from computational errors that prevent them from fulfilling their theoretical promises, Alice & Bob are developing a patented so-called self-correcting superconducting quantum bit – cat qubit, according to the official announcement.

“We are proud to see our technology leave the lab and enter the real world. Equinix is ​​the perfect partner to bring the quantum revolution into society,” Alice & Bob CEO Theo Perronen was quoted as saying.

Equinix customers will be able to securely access the quantum computers to experiment with them within their own digital infrastructure.

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