Earthquake in a huge bank! Hard decisions

Earthquake in a huge bank! Hard decisions
Earthquake in a huge bank! Hard decisions

Tough decisions have been made at a multinational bank with enormous influence.

The company fired more than 300 senior managers at the beginning of the week. The loans involve approximately 10% of Bank of America’s customers at this level, according to Bloomberg sources.

Bank of America is carrying out the big test that was announced by Jane Face back in September. The new move will lead the bank to increase its structure from two subdivisions and replace it with five units, whose managers report directly to the Bank, writes

“The actions we’re taking to reorganize the company involve some difficult, consequential steps, but we believe they’re the right steps to moving forward.” It’s our style and our strategy,” the company said in a statement on Monday, which did not because of the sacrifices that he initiated.

“This is not a decision to be taken lightly,” said Face back in September. “We will have some very talented and hard-working colleagues, which is an important asset for the company.”

The aspect of the job based in the European multinational bank is aimed at the release of pegional managers, supervisors and employees with the necessary answers. .

The global sales volume of the City is 240,000, according to information published last month. Ahead of the announcement, the City has hired a consulting group to help it implement its workforce reduction plan, the CNBC reported this month.

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