Small companies will receive up to BGN 20,000 free of charge for ICT projects

Small companies will receive up to BGN 20,000 free of charge for ICT projects
Small companies will receive up to BGN 20,000 free of charge for ICT projects

The program is only for companies registered before 2020 and does not require co-financing

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to receive grant funding for ICT projects (information and communication technologies) and cyber security enhancement. The projects that will be financed will have a minimum value of BGN 3,000 and a maximum value of BGN 20,000, and co-financing is not required for them. The program to support companies is in line with the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability, and will soon be open for applications.

The new scheme was announced these days by the Minister of Innovation, Alexander Pulev. A check by “Now” showed that the application guidelines have already been published for discussion in the information system for the plan – ISUN.

According to the detailed rules for participation, micro, small and medium-sized companies registered no later than December 30, 2019 will be eligible to apply for the money. They are also required to have passed specific turnover thresholds for 2021. For micro-enterprises, a minimum a turnover of BGN 41,000, the threshold for the annual turnover for small enterprises is BGN 82,000, for medium-sized enterprises a minimum annual turnover of BGN 123,000 is required for 2021. Most economic activities are eligible for financing, but there are also sectors that will not be able to apply to the program. Among them are “agriculture”, “mining industry”, “education”, “construction”, part of the companies in the “Human health care and social work” sector. Companies in the field of “activities in the field of information technologies” and “information services” are also not allowed. There are other limitations due to existing parallel support schemes under other European programmes.

Businesses will be able to apply for funding for three types of expenditure – for digital marketing solutions, websites and mobile applications; to optimize management, production and logistics processes and to ensure cyber security in enterprises. The term for the implementation of the investments is one year. The total funding under the scheme is BGN 30.6 million. Full information can be obtained from the draft application guidelines published on ISUN.

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