The most sought-after consumer brands in 2022

Nowadays, a strong brand is a powerful asset that helps a business stand out in a sea of ​​competition. But what are some of the most popular brands in the world? One way to find out is by looking at Google searches to see what users are searching for online.

This graphic from uses data from Google Keyword Planner to show the world’s most searched for consumer brands in the twelve months from March 2022.


The team at have compiled a list of well-known brands using a range of reputable sources including Forbes, Financial Times, BrandDirectory and more. Based on this, a list of popular consumer brands is created. This year they focused on businesses that sell products and services, so it’s important to know that some of the big tech companies like Google and Meta have been left out of the 2022 ranking.

The team looked at several things, including average monthly searches over the last 12 months for the brand name alone (eg “Nike”), the brand name with the relevant sector added to the keyword (“Nike apparel”), which helped to it compensates for the skew in search volume for common terms like Apple or Amazon.

This has been applied to every single country in the world with available data. Here’s what the data cited by Visual Capitalist reveals.

Top 5 most wanted brands

While Netflix is ​​the most frequently searched brand in the most countries (92), Amazon takes the top spot when it comes to total search volume.

But the popularity of the brand in search does not necessarily mean that the business is booming. In April, Netflix announced that it had lost about 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter, for example.


Apple with the iPhone takes the top spot when it comes to smartphone searches. This is not surprising considering that the top five selling smartphones in 2021 are all iPhone models.

It’s worth noting that the top five best-selling smartphones only cover a small portion of the overall smartphone market, and while iPhones are quite popular, they only account for 16.7% of global smartphone sales.


Epic Games earns its status as the most searched game brand globally, with an average of 14.9 million global searches per month. No other game company has come close to the search volume of Epic Game.

Nintendo, which is in second place, averages only 3.2 million searches per month. However, Nintendo still managed to generate over $16 billion in revenue in 2021, tripling gross revenue.

Most Searched Gaming Brands 2022

Fast food

KFC is the most sought-after fast food company in more than 83 countries, making it the most popular in the world.

most popular brands by search volume fast food

Although McDonald’s ranked first in fewer countries, the brand had a higher average monthly search for the period globally than its rival KFC.

In 2021, the fried chicken maker generated an estimated $2.79 billion in global revenue, while McDonald’s boasted $23.2 billion.

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