A Ferrari like no other, just don’t call it an SUV

In 2016, the chairman of Ferrari – Sergio Marchone – categorically stated that in order for the brand to produce an SUV model, they must first shoot it.

Since then, however, a lot of water has flowed, the SUV segment has grown unexpectedly and Marchone has had to more or less rethink his position.

The company still insists they didn’t make a crossover or off-road vehicle, but the Purosangue is there and it’s unlike any other Ferrari.

The Ferrari Purosangue – “pure blood” in Italian – is a four-door and visibly higher profile than the sports cars.

It is the first Ferrari car to have four doors and four full seats, and the brand presents it as suitable for road trips and luxury tourism.

Traveling with the Purosangue could be quite an adrenaline-filled experience because the model has 715 horsepower and a 12-cylinder engine.

The Ferrari Purosangue also seeks to escape from the typical SUV design and instead relies on very smooth and aerodynamic lines. The tires are high, with distinctive rims, but due to the elongated nose, the silhouette of the car is not too aggressive and muscular. There’s something Ferrari Roma about it, as if the sports car has gone through a light Photoshop stretch.

Photo: Ferrari

The model really differs from other cars of the Italian company when its doors are created, because the front ones open as standard, and the rear ones – in the opposite direction. All four doors are fully electric and lack hinges and handles.

The four seats inside are also equipped with plenty of extras SUVs have them, but not every sports car does.

All four seats can be electrically adjusted slightly forwards or backwards and have electric heating. The front two seats also have the option of massage. The upholstery is in cream genuine leather plus high quality textiles.

According to Ferrari, if the customer wishes, the leather can be replaced with a material that is used in making military body armor. Most of the remaining details in the passenger compartment and on the dashboard are aluminum.

Photo: Ferrari

The brand does not hesitate to mention that the Purosangue can also become a fast family car because it has a huge trunk of 475 liters. The company claims in the car’s presentation that it offers “sporty comfort” combined with several driving options, including economy and highway.

It’s hard to imagine which family would bet on a car that accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in three seconds, but on the other hand, competitors like Lamborghini and Bentley also already offer crossovers and are not ashamed to call them that.

Price of The Ferrari Purosangue has not been officially announced, but is believed to be around $400,000.

The company is already considering ending pre-orders for the car because there is significantly increased interest in it. Deliveries of the car are expected in 2023, before which it will be officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

The company is showing its new SUV, which will be available in three basic versions

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