Adriana Chechik months after the injury: I am in pain every day, there is no chance to shoot again


Former adult film actress Adriana Chechik’s chances of returning to the industry appear to be severely limited after she broke her back in two places in October 2022 during an event on the live streaming platform Twitch.

The accident led to the need for emergency operations to preserve her ability to move.

And although she is recovering from them and continues to post content on her social media profiles, Chechik is adamant that filming new erotic videos, at least for now, is something her fans should forget about.

“Hey guys, I don’t mean to be rude, but please stop asking me to take pictures. My back is still on the mend and even though you see me smiling, I’m still in pain every day,” Chechik wrote on his Twitter account. .

The pornstar also explains that there are some days when she just can’t move because of the pain, but because she’s a public person, she doesn’t show those moments to everyone.

And she states in plain text that although there are people who continue to persistently ask her when she will resume her participation in erotic videos, not at the moment there is simply no chance of that happening.

“Honestly, even if I wanted to, I don’t think I could ever take pictures again, given how limited I am by the twisting of my spine and how much pain it causes me,” Chechik added.

Recent Instagram stories of her in her underwear have led some of her fans to believe that she is recovering better than expected and could return to erotica videos – something the former Rose actress is now adamantly can’t do.

In one of her videos, she comments that her goal has always been to build a brand that goes beyond rosy movies.

“No one really wants to stay in the sex industry … you want to achieve a brand that will bring you money long after you’re no longer able to shoot scenes,” she commented at the time.

For Chechik, the incident at TwitchCon 2022 is particularly painful not only because of the severe injury he suffered, but also for other reasons.

Shortly after what happened in the foam cube pit at the expo, it became clear that she was pregnant, and in the operation that saved her spine, she lost the baby.

Even before this unfortunate incident, she had announced the end of her active career in porn, moving her main activity mostly to live streaming on Twitch and maintaining an OnlyFans account.

The actress has previously spoken about her previous back injuries caused by porn.

The actress from the adult industry talks about the injuries she suffered on the set

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