First with us! Is “Miss Bulgaria Universe 2007” Gergana Kochanova the Bulgarian shot in South Africa? (photos)


Could Kuro Gergana’s wife actually be the model Kochanova?

Krasimir Kamenovknown by his nickname Kuro, and his wife Gergana have died in an attack at their home in South Africa, according to initial reports their one child was also killed in the attack, with this news the local media exploded.

It later became clear that the victims of the shooting were Curro and his wife, their housekeeper and a security guard.

He married his wife precisely Gergana Kochanovawho has been the winner of the title “Miss Bulgaria Universe” since 2007.

In 2009, she gave birth in the USA to a boy, Krasimir. According to, the father is Bulgarian, who lives and works in the USA.

In 2015, Gergana’s name was associated with Krasimir Kamenov – Kuro. Reports about the birth of Kamenov’s successor appeared in yellow media. At that time, Gergana Kochanova changes his last name in social networks to “Kamenov”a reporter recalled.

Gergana Kochanova changed her last name to Kamenov and lived luxuriously in South Africa – coincidence?

In the publications since then, it has been reported that Kuro became a father, and the baby was born in early 2015.

Until then, Curro had no problems with justice. Over the years, investigations always eluded him, even though the cops declared him to be the right-hand man of Christophoros Nikos Amanatidis – Taki in the Hammers gang.

The break-up of the gang provoked a drug war in Sofia, and then Kuro hurried to South Africa. His official wife remained with us, who continued to run the legal business of the boss.

In South Africa, according to rumors, Krasimir Kamenov lives with the model Gergana Kochanova in a huge mansion in the middle of the savannah, although in the publications from 8 years ago it is claimed that Kamenov broke up with the model and the child is from someone else, the coincidences in the names seem too doubtful .

A check by established that for years Geri Kochanova, who should be 38 today, has been living in South Africa in a large home and has a housekeeper, raising two boys and a girl.

Gergana Kamenova is raising two boys and a girl with the help of a housekeeper in South Africa

According to Cape Town police, 4 victims were found with gunshot wounds in the attack, 2 women and 2 men between the ages of 40 and 50, but there were no minors among them.

They were found in the house where they lived with “multiple gunshot wounds” and were all killed on the spot. The house is in one of the richest neighborhoods in South Africa – Constantia, known for its large estates and wineries.

The shooting comes two months after the prosecutor’s office filed charges against Kamenov and declared him an international wanted man. He was accused in absentia of underwriting the 2022 murder of former criminal police chief Lubomir Ivanov.

In the more distant past, Kamenov was known to be a close associate of Christophoros Amanatidis-Taki, who was indicted in 2009 as the head of a drug distribution and grievous bodily harm ring, but the charges were quietly dropped about five years later.

It is believed that Kuro and Taki have long since separated their businesses and are in a strained relationship. Companies directly or indirectly connected to Kamenov control a number of parking lots in Sofia – including the one in front of the Central Station.

For a long time, the Kapitan Andreevo border crossing was considered to be his area of ​​control – the practical privatization of all activities at the border crossing, which included the so-called golden gill, the laboratory for sanitary control and the maintenance of the shooting ranges.

In addition to the scandals on the subject last year, it became clear that control over these companies was practically seized by Kuro’s former confidant – Razmig Chakaryan-Ami.

According to unofficial information, in recent months there has also been an attempt to take over Kamenov’s parking lot business, which is mainly concentrated in the Auto Mobile company.

A reference to the Commercial Register shows attempts to remove Filip Stoyanov as a director there, who became a witness against Kuro. It was blocked at the request of his ex-wife – Svetlana Kamenova, who owns 5% of the shares.

Kuro’s forgotten name surfaced in March 2023. During a press conference at which he promised a “series”, Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev linked Kamenov to the former majority owner of KTB Tsvetan Vassilev.

According to the explanations of the head of the prosecution at the time, the two fugitives from justice in the state were part of a criminal conspiracy to discredit the state prosecution and his head personally.

A series of audio recordings were also broadcast in which it was claimed that Kamenov was talking to various individuals. Several other names were also listed. It is clear from the conversations that 450 thousand BGN were collected for the contract killings of senior police officers.

Kamenov denied taking part in a conspiracy and knowing the listed names before the Afera website. – now also on Telegram, follow us on Instagram.

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