Elena from “The Bachelor” crossed out Evgeni

Elena from “The Bachelor” crossed out Evgeni
Elena from “The Bachelor” crossed out Evgeni

Truth or lie?

I categorically closed the page after the show, said the cut chick at the end

Elena from “The Bachelor” has completely crossed out Evgeni from her life!

This was claimed by the bachelor herself in her first interview after the end of the show, in which she was displaced in the final by her competitor Valeria. Evgeni’s confession that Elena is not for him caused tears and bitterness in the editor, considered by many to be the favorite of his heart. And six months after the love breakup in the mansion of the bachelors in Bodrum, Elena is adamant that she has already forgotten about the drama of the finale of the show.

“I’m great! To dispel the notions of people who think that I’m broken-hearted and that I’m still dragging myself on my stomach – after watching the episodes, I can say that I definitely closed the page with Evgeni. I’m one of those people who , when they do, there’s no going back,” Elena stated in an online interview.

According to her, a month or two after she left the reality show, “I was shaking and didn’t know what was going on.”

“Especially since the last time you say things to each other in front of the cameras and then you don’t have a chance to clarify what’s going on. The saying “Out of sight – out of mind” definitely works,” Elena is adamant, unlike Emo the Mole, who publicly announced, that Elena and Evgeni live together, and Ergena’s relationship with Valeria is parlama.

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