Kalina Krumova: I am an egg donor


Former MP Kalina Krumova – Zaharieva gave a shocking interview to Mont Dieu on NOVA TV, in which she opened the curtain to a very painful problem both in Bulgaria and around the world.

I decided to become an egg donor. Many children are not born. Many tears have been shed“, the journalist is categorical.

It is not fair to see donation as an extra, but as a very conscious humanitarian act“, added Kalina Krumova.

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At the beginning of the year I froze my eggs because nature is very unpredictable. Statistics show that the age in Europe at which a woman’s ovarian reserve is exhausted is very low. Women at the age of 30 have an exhausted reserve and cannot become mothersshe pointed out.

Kalina Krumova also added that she is glad that the regulation has been changed and since 36 years, it is now 38 for women who can donate eggs.

When I was a politician, the bill on surrogacy was passed in the first reading and that was it. Almost 12 years later, we must be precise – surrogacy topics were clearly not relevant enough and did not pass quicklyKrumova also said.

Most often, egg donation is needed by women who have low ovarian reserve or poor egg quality. There are cases where, due to health problems, the woman’s ovaries are removed, but the uterus is preserved. Then the only way for a woman to have her biological child is through a donor egg.

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