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Kate Beckinsale and the unpleasant intervention she had to go through


Popular personalities also feel discomfort because of unpleasant things that happen to them. Whether it will be a dramatic emotional moment or some medical intervention – after all, they are people, like all of us.

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The actress hits back

Kate Beckinsale is no different. Two days ago, the Hollywood actress shared the unpleasant experience she had to go through after visiting the dentist’s office.

The star shared a photo on Instagram of her sitting helplessly in a wheelchair with an ice pack wrapped around her face and a cotton swab sticking out of her mouth.

Despite the bad moment, Kate clearly hasn’t lost her sense of humor as she captioned the post: “Just for balance and to answer the question I get asked sometimes – have I ever had a bad photo. Here’s one from the dentist’s office this morning.”

Dressed quite simply – especially given the extravagant outfits we’re used to seeing her in – with a simple black sweatshirt and matching bottoms, Kate Beckinsale even found the strength to respond to the comments of her thousands of followers. When asked why she was in a wheelchair, she said: “It’s here, it’s the law after the anesthetic,” and as for her eye makeup, which a fan commented on, the star clarified that it was “last night’s makeup.”

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It happens to everyone

However, Kate does not mention exactly what kind of intervention she had to do on her teeth. But it is a fact that the unpleasant incident for her happened only a day after the Halloween holiday, which she did not fail to celebrate, specified by People. For the occasion, she donned a flight attendant suit – which was a sexy combination of black, white and a bit of red for accent.

“We can show you the nearest exits, handcuff you and keep it quiet if someone accidentally falls into a toilet trying to zip up their skinny tracksuit. Alas, it won’t be the first or the last,” he playfully added the actress – to the photos in which she poses in an apparently wonderful mood.

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