Nicoleta Lozanova’s mother cut her

Nicoleta Lozanova’s mother cut her
Nicoleta Lozanova’s mother cut her
“I will not help with my daughter Nicoleta’s baby because I am already 60 years old. Never mind that I work and am active, they have an assistant and most likely she will be the active woman next to her. I will only be happy.”

This was shared in a happy voice by the mother of the Bulgarian influencer icon Nikoleta Lozanova, who a day ago admitted that she is expecting a second child and the first from Levski football goalkeeper Nikolay Mihailov.

“Two hearts in one body”, wrote the woman with the most followers on the network and tagged the father – the son of the head of the BFS Borislav Mihailov – Nikolay.

Lozanova already has one child – 11-year-old Nicole, from her marriage with Valery Bozhinov, with whom they broke up.

“We are all happy, my mother-in-law too. This is the best gift for my daughter and her biggest success. Every time I have wondered how she managed to make all her dreams come true, but what happened to her is magnificent.” shared Eridina. She herself had known the news for a long time, but it was for the best that no one found out before Nicoleta herself announced it.

“It’s like that with famous people, but it’s a secret that everyone has the right to keep for their loved ones,” says Nicoleta’s nice mother.

Our most successful model has always dreamed of having a second child, and she shared this with “Bulgaria Dnes” in her only interview: “I would like to be a bride, but it has never been a fixed idea for me! I have no aspiration for this role, nor have I been vetoed. But yes, I really want to have a second child,” the beauty told us .

Nicoletta has no worries about raising her daughter Nicole in terms of love thrills, because she witnessed her love with Nikolay Mihailov.

“She clearly gets a wonderful example of dedication and sharing in my relationship with Nikki. I believe that she will look for and value precisely such relationships in her life,” shared Lozanova.

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