Alla Pugacheva with a surprising step

Alla Pugacheva with a surprising step
Alla Pugacheva with a surprising step
The legend of Russian pop Alla Pugacheva made a surprising return to her homeland. The singer and actress arrived unannounced in the capital on the Pskov-Moscow train and was photographed at the Moscow station early Thursday morning.

Although Pugacheva was the last to leave the train, so as to remain unnoticed by the other passengers, she was still photographed by observant Russians in the company of two assistants – a man and a woman. The star walked completely calmly on the platform, talking to his companions. She was dressed warmly in a white sheepskin coat and a white hat.

At the exit of the station, 74-year-old Alla got into a black Rolls-Royce with tinted windows and drove to her castle in the village of Gryaz.

Alla left Russia and lived with her husband Maxim Galkin in Israel at the beginning of the war in Ukraine after he was declared a foreign agent by the Kremlin. The outbreak of conflict in the Middle East after the attack by Hamas forced the star and her family to leave Israel as well. Alla and Galkin were last seen in Cyprus, where they also own a mansion.

Alla Pugacheva arrived in Moscow on November 2, confirmed her assistant Elena Chuprakova. She did not specify how long the star will stay in Russia, as well as what work she came for.

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