Jewels embedded in teeth: Billie Eilish and Camila Caballo know how…

Jewels embedded in teeth: Billie Eilish and Camila Caballo know how…
Jewels embedded in teeth: Billie Eilish and Camila Caballo know how…

Camila Caballo knows how to ignite an entire fashion trend with one Instagram photo.

The same can be said for Billie Eilish and Grimes. It was these three singers who ignited a fashion that we had forgotten and that we have yet to see – that of jewelry that adorns not the neck or the hands, but the teeth.

Cabayo, for example, showed off her delicate bejeweled smile in an Instagram story. Although the video lasts only a few seconds, they are enough to see in more detail the new accessory of the singer of “Havana”.

Camilla demonstrated a small heart-shaped stone embedded in a tooth lateral to the frontmost.

Grimes also showed off a similar ornament, again in an Instagram story. Billie Eilish goes even further – in one of her photos decorations can be seen on five of her teeth.

The trend has also spread to the east and has included pop celebrities such as the girls of the Japanese band XG and the South Korean girls of Blackpink.

This fashion, like many others, is in the “well forgotten old” column – teeth jewelry was also popular at the beginning of the new millennium, when it also graced the smiles of more than one and two of the most popular chicks in show business.

Dental accessories also fall into another category – that of beauty treatments that we should never try at home.

Yes, on sites like AliExpress, you can find teethers with attached adhesives, but it’s best to stay away from them, even if we can’t resist the urge to look like Billie Eilish or another celebrity in the smile.

Jewelry for teeth is placed only and only in a dental office, and this option also exists in Bulgaria.

All the stars listed so far use temporary teeth accessories that are placed with professional dental glue by a specialist. The dentist carefully examines the enamel for worrisome irregularities and cracks, then measures exactly where and how to place the stone.

If it is too close to the gums, the accessory can harm them. If it is at the very tip of the tooth, it could fall out and be swallowed.

Then a dental glue or gel – of the type commonly used to restore dentin and enamel – is applied and the stone is bonded. Durability is from 2-3 months to a year, depending on the strength of the material used and the stone itself.

During this time, teeth cleaning must be done with almost religious devotion, otherwise an ugly plaque will build up around the calculus.

Dentists warn that under no circumstances should we be tempted to put permanent jewelry on our teeth.

The latter require the application of anesthetic and the drilling of a hole in which the accessory will be embedded. If for some reason we get tired of it and we want to remove it, it is necessary to drill again, fill the tooth and rebuild its smooth surface, as if we had massive caries.

Temporary jewelry for teeth again requires a specialist to remove them, but they leave almost no traces on the enamel and do not lead to similar complications.

In Bulgaria, placing jewelry on a tooth costs between BGN 90 and 180, depending on the clinic and the type of accessory itself, with both ordinary stones and Swarovski stones and white gold decorations available.

As for Camila Caballo’s jewelry, it’s white with a holographic sheen, which is why experts Vogue spoke to believe it’s Swarovski-branded and certainly not permanent.

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