How Naomi Campbell maintains her perfect shape in her 6th decade of life

How Naomi Campbell maintains her perfect shape in her 6th decade of life
How Naomi Campbell maintains her perfect shape in her 6th decade of life

Naomi Campbell may be naturally blessed with chiseled cheekbones, but her rock-hard abs and toned legs aren’t just the result of genetics. The former supermodel is currently in the best shape of her life and she credits this transformation to her trainer Joe Holder. Holder and Naomi first started working out together a few years ago, and she says “he taught her how to enjoy working out.”

– I’m training. But not in a regular gym, I don’t use equipment. I can’t go to a regular gym. It makes me nervous. I never really liked working out before I started working with Joe. I don’t like everything he makes me do, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about attacking the body in different segments and conditioning – said Naomi, quoted by “Women’s Health”.

What does her workout involve?

1. Cardio rope
Naomi says her favorite exercises are the ones that challenge her to be fast.

“I like the ones that make my heart beat faster, but I understand the importance of the ones that are slower and hot,” she says.

According to Holder, jumping rope for Naomi consists of five sets of 60-second jumps.

2. No heavy weights

Holder helps Naomi create a challenging sequence of muscle-activating exercises that rarely focus on weights. Naomi mostly uses her own weight or dumbbells.

“If you can really concentrate on the movement patterns in those areas, it will have the effect of triggering circulation, which activates the lymphatic system to get rid of cellular waste,” Holden said.

Naomi’s leg workouts are a combination of conditioning exercises using resistance bands, glute activation exercises, and strength training using movements like deadlifts.

3. Pilates

– Stretching is important. I danced for many years, so pilates is something that stretches you and keeps you toned. In addition, it is a perfect form for active recovery – concluded the model, quoted by the site

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