Bozhinov congratulates the baby boy on the news of the baby

Bozhinov congratulates the baby boy on the news of the baby
Bozhinov congratulates the baby boy on the news of the baby
Nicoleta Lozanova and Niki Mihailov are not thinking about a wedding for now. The two revealed a few days ago that they are expecting their first child together, which again raised the question of whether they will become an official family. The model and the goalkeeper of “Levski” have been together for many years, but they never decided to swear eternal loyalty to each other. That moment has not yet come and Nicoleta wants to have a peaceful pregnancy with her second child.

Lozanova does not want to get married while pregnant, but to eventually marry Nikki after the baby is born. The sex bomb is expected to give birth in the spring of next year. This will be the first child for the 35-year-old Mihailov, but the role of father is not alien to him. Niki has long taken care of 11-year-old Nicole, who is Nicoleta’s daughter from her relationship with Valeri Bozhinov, “Bulgaria Today” reported.

The two football players had a strained relationship for a while, but in the end they buried the tomahawks and today they even call themselves brothers. It was Valery who was one of the first to congratulate the couple on the news of the baby. Mihailov also raised Bojinka’s other child – Valery, Jr., after the two changed as boyfriends of the folk singer Alicia. Nicky himself also does not want to marry Nicoletta at all costs, so the two have a consensus on this issue. Lozanova was already a bride, having married Bozhinov more than ten years ago. Then the two threw a lavish celebration with a bunch of guests, but their marriage didn’t last long. It is the bitter experience that is one of the other reasons why Nicoletta is not pushing for a wedding with Mihailov at this stage.

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