Here’s Pauly’s new one for God’s sake (Photos)


The last bride of Blago Jesus – Polina Spasova, found a new boyfriend and completely forgot about her ex. The brunette does not hide that she is in a relationship with Simeon Belyata. A “Weekend” reporter caught the couple in love walking along “Vitoshka” during the weekend. They weren’t holding hands, but it was obvious they were together. The young man also published a short clip on social networks of how he and his girlfriend are traveling by car.

Polina does not advertise her relationship with Simeon, but she does not hide it either. The boy is much younger than Jesus, more athletic and less tattooed, but he also has a lot of tattoos on his body.

Polly’s new one

Some time ago Polina admitted that before Blagoi she had a long relationship with a boy named Daniel Gigov. On Facebook, she still keeps photos from her previous relationship with the young boy, which lasted 4 years. The brunette revealed that she loved the young man very much, but he hurt her and their relationship ended. After that, the beauty decided to throw herself into the arms of Blagoi Georgiev, proposing marriage to him in the first month of their relationship.

Today, the tuned beauty does not take her marriage as a mistake, but as a lesson. She is glad that there are no children from the former football player, because then it would have been far more complicated. The woman from Velingrad shared that she did not want heirs from Jesus, and he insisted that they have a baby.

The brunette before the corrections and with her first serious boyfriend, Daniel Gigov

We remind you that our most devout football player fell in love with Polina during his relationship with Zlatka Raykova. The playgirl quickly smelled the infidelity, packed up the infidel and kicked him out of her home and life. Just two months later, Blago was already married to Spasova, and a few months later they had a lavish wedding in Velingrad and vowed to God. Their marriage lasted less than a year and today the two are happy separately. Blagoi is currently in a relationship with the daughter of rapper Vanko 1 – Ivana.

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