What happens to Anelia after the engagement?

What happens to Anelia after the engagement?
What happens to Anelia after the engagement?

Anelia enjoys her great love with businessman Lyubomir Zaharinov, and her personal happiness is evident in the star’s overall appearance. On her birthday this year, she also received an engagement ring from her lover, which proved his serious intentions.

The two are inseparable and do not hide their immense happiness, often sharing beautiful shots of romantic destinations they visit.

It turns out that the beloved singer is a star on the stage, but at home she is also on the level and shows herself as a good housewife, taking care of her husband. “I like my table to be beautiful, the food to be delicious and to cook with love for my husband,” she said frankly.

“I’m one of those who think it’s an important rule for a woman to have all the energies. To a housewife, to a girl, to a lover and to a queen. The independent woman who manages to build a career on her own. It is very important for me to balance all these energies – to be the beloved woman and to do things with pleasure. I think I am doing very, very well. It sounds a bit immodest, but for me the rule is to distribute my energy so that I don’t exhaust myself. If I’m tired, I don’t make dinner and prefer to order” – says the singer in front of the camera of “Na Kafe”.

Anelia admits that she cares very much about being in shape and having the necessary energy not only for her stage appearances, but also for her beloved people with whom she shares her life.

“I get exhausted from commitments and I’m not perfect everywhere. My main priority is to devote the necessary energy to my husband, family and children,” she emphasizes.

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