Rachkov scolded Anita behind her back? – Gossip

Rachkov scolded Anita behind her back? – Gossip
Rachkov scolded Anita behind her back? – Gossip

The separation of Rachkov and Anita may have been a fact for months, but the details of it continue to excite many, and new details with a scandalous flavor, to say the least, are constantly appearing.

The TV host has brutally humiliated his ex-girlfriend, although the official reason for their separation is a dissimilarity in their ages and personalities. And that may be true, but the other is certainly far more determining in the final development of their relationship.

It turned out that Rachkov’s new girlfriend – 39-year-old Kamelia Andonova, is not so “new” at all.

The two had been having an affair behind Anita’s back for several months.

This is revealed by people close to the actor and TV host.

Recently, it has even been rumored that Kamelia is expecting a baby from Rachkov, but whether this is true remains to be seen.

However, it is quite clear that Anita is absolutely furious with what has been going on behind her back, but whether she will now take action against her former lover, we can only guess.

The blonde has great self-confidence and is definitely not the kind of woman who would endure something like this in her life. And although what happened is already retroactive, those close to her are sure that she will not leave things at that and will react in some way, writes Kliuki.bg.

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