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Hande Ercel’s greed knows no bounds


After the release of the romantic series “Knock on My Door” Hande Ercel is on the list of the most popular and highest paid actresses in Turkey. Millions of people are subscribed to her social networks, and her final income is calculated in sums with eight zeros. But, as it turned out, this is not enough for the Turkish star.

Hande invites her fans to sign up for an additional paid subscription to her account. The price is 32 Turkish lira per month. For this money, fans of the actress will be able to see more exclusive photos and will get access to a private chat with the actress and a special badge. But there is no guarantee that Erchel will respond to all subscribers.

This decision of the Turkish star came as a surprise to her fans, despite the fact that everyone still has free access to her account. Some of the haters accused her of being greedy. Others believe that in this way she wants to raise money to donate to charity. There is another theory about the emergence of a paid subscription. Some fans are sure that in November the actress will announce her upcoming wedding with Hakan Sabanca, but she will do so in a closed chat.

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