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Galena and her family already have a miracle and fairytale palace not only in Veliko Tarnovo, where they live, but also by the sea. Thanks to his mother-in-law, from this summer the No. 1 chalga star in our country can attend performances from his luxurious villa. Grandma Stefka bought one each for her two sons – Galin, the husband of the hit singer, and Christian, in Chernomorets.

The villas are the pinnacle of modern construction and unlike the imposing palace of Galin and Galena in the old capital, it is not mega big. On the other hand, it also has all the amenities, it is surrounded by green areas and there is a pool in the yard. A big plus, of course, is the fabulous view of the sea and the proximity to the beach. Because the villas are built a little higher, while lounging in their pool, Galena and her kind can contemplate the blue horizon. If they feel like sand, they can walk down to the beach in less than five minutes and collect a tan together with other vacationers.

This summer the villas were completed and Galena and her family were already enjoying theirs. In the one next door, which is a few meters away, the petted man’s brother immediately moved in. Thus, the twin villas allowed Galin’s family to gather for a common sea vacation. Cinnamon and many friends, including Azis. As is known, the King of Popfolk is close friends with Galena, with whom they have two duets. He often visited his friend, during which her husband Galin always showed himself as a perfect host and cook. He immediately started preparing specialties for the barbecue in the yard.

It is not clear what the interior is like in the summer house of the singer and her family, but at least from the outside, it is commented in the industry, it does not impress with pomp and extravagance, as it was commented about their permanent home. It extends over an area of ​​1,900 square meters in the area of ​​the “Kartala” district in the old capital. And this house of theirs is higher up, so there is a view of the whole city. Through the central entrance you enter a huge vestibule, from where two staircases curve in an arc on both sides to the second floor.

The house has 11 bedrooms and as many rooms, a huge pool in the yard, a gym, several closets for the singer’s countless outfits and shoes. And in this home, Galena and her family have a stylish barbecue where they prepare delicious food for their many friends, who often welcome them to their pretty garden. Nearby is the ritual property of the White Brotherhood of Petar Dunov.

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