At 34 years old, he is ready for marriage and a child and considers this the woman of his life

At 34 years old, he is ready for marriage and a child and considers this the woman of his life
At 34 years old, he is ready for marriage and a child and considers this the woman of his life

12 November 2023Sunday, 11:00 a.m.

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Obviously, there is a spark between Evgeny and Valeria

Undoubtedly, along with his participation in “The Bachelor”, Evgeni Genchev became the most popular man, even after the end of the romantic show, he enjoys huge interest from the audience. On Tuesday, he received a standing ovation at Bohdana Karadocheva’s mega-concert in Hall 1 of the NDK, where he was a guest star and charmed the audience with his talent as a pianist. Despite numerous invitations for tours in different parts of the world, Genchev intends to please his Bulgarian fans with a big tour around his homeland.

They are considering a project with Vasil Naydenov, which they hope will soon become a reality. With Stefan Dimitrov, he gave him an idea for a song on which he intends to put his signature, he wants to both play it and sing it. Their duet song with Valeria Georgieva will be released soon. He shared that they made the piece with a lot of thought and emotion and hopes that people will like it.

To date, he has focused attention on his activity in our country. He is considering a summer-autumn tour next year abroad, on which he will give 100%. He also has an idea for a tour around the country, as he would like to go to more places in our country and get to know his native audience.

Although after “The Bachelor” he has become much more recognizable, the dynamics of relationships with complete strangers are still quite strange for him. He notices an increase in interest not only in his personal but also in his professional life.

However, he is not sure if he would participate in this type of show again. He tries to find the balance between his work and his personal life, the people who are next to him and show understanding towards his work. The time they spend together is important.

At 34, he feels ready for marriage and a child, but adds that it’s a matter of circumstances, as the person next to him must also be ready to let things happen. He wants Valeria to be the woman of his life. To date, they give themselves the necessary time and energy with her after the artificially created conditions in the show.

He is surprised that his parents are 100% supportive of his relationship with Valeria, something that has never happened before. It saddens him when those close to him do not understand him and allow themselves to be disrespectful towards him, as well as when he feels alone. However, if there is a problem, he always tries to channel it in a positive way. sometimes he lets himself cry. Source: Weekend

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