A column with a song dedicated to his wife

A column with a song dedicated to his wife
A column with a song dedicated to his wife
The concert of Vladimir Ampov – Grafa at Vasil Levski Stadium has become one of the musical events of the year.

“A person should continue to do what he loves. To believe in intuition and in himself,” Vladimir Ampov – Grafa said on the air of NOVA.

According to him, it is possible to achieve good things in Bulgaria, and the emotion from the concert is captured in the video of his latest song “Universe”.

“I managed to surprise my wife and it turned out a beautiful video. I think that the family is a temple and you have to support it and believe in it. Maria was very excited, it will remain a great memory for her. Apart from all the effects, there was a lot of soul in the concert.” he added.

He specified that his wife Maria is his muse, and there are many songs related to her. According to him, many virtues are needed for successful love in show business. “We have harmony between us,” Grafa said.

“Creating lyrics and songs is my vocation. I can’t wait to return to the club scene with a concert on November 25, tickets for it are already on sale. Bulgarian music is beautiful, and the Bulgarian audience has started going to many concerts. Successful tours have done a lot my colleagues, Molets are proof that the new Bulgarian music is going on the right path, they fill the halls, and this is a good sign of its development, said Vladimir Ampov.

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