Nothing foreshadowed what was about to happen to me

Nothing foreshadowed what was about to happen to me
Nothing foreshadowed what was about to happen to me

“I attribute what happened to my novel that I finished the other day. I’ve been writing it for the past two years. There was a story inside that wasn’t mine, but I experienced it very strongly, I went so deep into the pain that I could write it and I experienced it , that I literally got sick. One of the heroines dies, thank God it wasn’t me.” This was shared by the host Mira Dobreva after the difficult situation she experienced at the beginning of September this year.

We remind you that on September 3, the presenter’s daughter announced on Facebook that her mother had undergone an operation and was in a medically induced coma after she went on a trip to the Rila Lakes.

Today I’m fine, I’m already fine and we’re moving forward, as the cliché says, shared Mira Dobreva.

“Yes, I avoid talking about it because what happened to me, I guess, happened to other people and the ordeal should not become an occasion to go around television studios. I’m still afraid, I’m still overcoming it,” said the host you are in front of BNT.

She said that when she came out of “Pirogov”, the first thing she saw were the trees.

“What happened to me was predetermined by my new novel. I myself was surprised – being in a coma is something that turns your worldview, you look very inside yourself.

We joked hours earlier, from the top of the Rila Lakes I even called the 104-year-old grandmother Dora. I really wanted her to experience the sights through my eyes,” the host also shared.

A few days ago, Mira Dobreva published footage from the unfortunate day, hours before she responded on the verge of death.

In her publication, Dobreva explains that in some of the footage of the video, it is clear how bad she was. The video is a fact, as the presenter wanted to film a vlog in which she shows her followers the beauty of the Rila Lakes.

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