No sex, alcohol and gossip!

No sex, alcohol and gossip!
No sex, alcohol and gossip!
No sex, alcohol and gossip! – Journalist Veneta Raikova shook social networks with this title when she announced that she was entering a 40-day Christmas fast. The famous blonde, loved by her fans for her provocativeness, decided to abstain not only from excess calories, but also from other temptations. This unexpected move by Veneta involves completely giving up sex, alcohol and even gossip!

Her fans, who are used to uncompromising and attractive journalism, were completely surprised by her decision to dedicate herself in this way for the upcoming holidays and will now watch with great interest how Veneta will cope with the task of refraining from everything tempting. For the journalist, this Christmas post is her way of celebrating the holidays with greater self-discipline and purity.

A fasting diet consists only of plant-based food, without any animal products. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains, nuts and seeds will be served on the Raikova table right up until Christmas Eve, but Veneta is happy to accept the fasts and remind her backgrounds to do the same!

The former face of “Hot” has been putting her health first for years, both physical and mental. Raikova skillfully meditates and takes care of her spiritual state so that fasting should not be a big challenge for her, wrote “Bulgaria Dnes” “.

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