The policeman cheated on Julka with a famous singer – Gossip

The policeman cheated on Julka with a famous singer – Gossip
The policeman cheated on Julka with a famous singer – Gossip

Juliana Ghani can’t believe her luck to keep getting cheated on, despite the fact that she’s adamant about men at times like this.

Well, she probably expected that after the first, a second infidelity from her new lover would hardly follow, but here it is, a fact.

The idyll that until recently the silicone woman presented from her profile on social networks with the police officer Theodore is probably already in history. And to her horror, her trust in men becomes even more shaky.

The luscious blonde, who also gave birth to a child from her new love, which is her second, is again going through the same situation that happened with the father of her first child. This time, however, the other woman turned out to be her close friend. She is also a popular performer. It is about the hip-hop singer Viktoria Todorova, better known by her nickname the Kitten.

We remind you that Juliana Gani’s previous relationship with the fitness instructor Iliyan broke up precisely because of a crush on his part. After she publicly revealed the reason for the breakup with him, and he began to attack her with compromising material in the form of records and videos that he secretly filmed during the period while they were together, “Gallery” writes.

The woman with whom Gani’s current husband, Theodore, cheated on her, is quite an ambitious lady with many tattoos on her body, she was probably just having fun with her friend’s husband, without putting anything serious into it. As soon as this reached Ghani’s ears, however, it became scary.

The silicone woman fell into a frenzy of hysteria and was literally on the verge of throwing the father of her second child out of her home. The only thing that stopped her was what people would say if this infidelity was made public.

Last time, Gani’s lover – Iliyan was publicly beheaded by her, after which he did not get a second chance to continue being a family. But now it seems that the situation is a little different, at least for now, because according to information, Julka is trying to heal the cracks in her relationship with the policeman from Veliko Tarnovo, but what will result from this, only time will tell.

As for the other woman – the Kitten – Juliana is devastated because she was among the closest to her. “Vicky and I have known each other for years and I didn’t expect such a thing from her. Yes, it’s true that she doesn’t care about men, but to seduce a friend’s husband… it’s unbelievable, people!”, the bearded woman commented on the situation.

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