Snoop Dogg quits smoking

Snoop Dogg quits smoking
Snoop Dogg quits smoking

The world of rap music will probably never be the same. A true era is about to end.

The great rapper and one of the most influential artists in the genre, Snoop Dogg, has announced that he is quitting smoking.

“I quit smoking,” he announced via posts on X and Instagram. “After much consideration and discussions with my family, I have decided to quit smoking. Please respect my privacy at this time.”

He does not give a reason for his sudden decision, nor does he specify what “smoking” is about, because we all know what his greatest passion is.

Snoop has always been one of the biggest apologists for marijuana, and his image throughout his career has been associated with it. At one point, it even became clear that he had a full-time employee whose sole job was to roll cigarettes, and for which he received between $40,000 and $50,000 a year.

Many times the rapper has explained in various interviews how he got drunk with other big artists like Ed Sheeran, Matthew McConaughey and Willie Nelson.

Recently, he even shared with The Rolling Stone how he had to quickly learn to produce, because once Pharrell Williams got so drunk that he became inadequate and left him to fend for himself with the legend Stevie Wonder.

“It was the three of us in the studio smoking. Pharrell stopped, but he got smeared by our smoke because we kept going,” Snoop recalled. “Then Stevie came in to record and he had no idea what to do. He was standing inside and Pharrell was so high he didn’t know where he was. I’m not a producer and I told Stevie to play whatever,” Snoop Dogg shared.

Against the background of such stories, the current news seems particularly surprising. Moreover, the rapper has his own brand for the legal sale of marijuana – Leafs By Snoop.

The post and the writing was done in an extremely serious tone, as if it was about the death of a loved one, but knowing the character of the 52-year-old Snoop, he rather found a way to make fun of his decision.

However, many of his fans are speculating whether he is actually serious in his intention or just joking.

Others believe that he would rather introduce marijuana desserts and is currently doing something like promoting a new product that is an alternative to smoking.

Others are just joking around, including Bob Marley’s son Rowan.

“No more barbecue at uncle’s. Turn off the grill,” he wrote.

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