Petar Dochev is overwhelmed by many new proposals

Petar Dochev is overwhelmed by many new proposals
Petar Dochev is overwhelmed by many new proposals
Petar Dochev’s creative career has blossomed since he was chosen as the host of “Before Afternoon” on bTV.

The actor, whose name almost no one knew until recently, is already preparing for roles in as many as three series, in addition to rehearsing for a theatrical premiere in December. All this career rise for him occurred in just three months.

A few days ago, the actor shared in “Before Noon” that he agreed to appear not in one or two, but in three series. Who they are has not been announced at the moment, but it is most likely bTV productions. Television would hardly allow a person on its show to be involved in a foreign production.

Until recently, the only series in which the public had seen him was “The Path of Honor” on Nova, where he had a small role. The other favorite for the place next to Desi Stoyanova last spring, Kiril Nedkov, could have enjoyed the same success if he had not refused to work at bTV.

As The Weeknd wrote, he was the original host choice but preferred the freedom to act in all productions. At the moment, viewers watch him as Deyan Donkov’s assistant in “Walk of Fame”.

Sasho Kadiev, who left television because of his acting work, so far has only one new theater production – in the Small City Theater behind the canal and has not announced any new series.

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