Who is this lanky young man? Today it is everyone’s favorite

Who is this lanky young man? Today it is everyone’s favorite
Who is this lanky young man? Today it is everyone’s favorite

Actor Naum Shopov shared footage on his Instagram profile comparing his photos from now and 11 years ago.

It can be seen how the actor is in visibly better physical shape now.

“What you see is my 11 year transformation. During that time I have made every possible mistake in the gym to learn on my own and not ask for advice – a terribly stupid mistake. Always seek advice, look for the right partner and be straightforward with your goals.

This will save you a lot of time and injury, and you will be able to make your transformation in a significantly shorter period of time!” he writes.

Naum Hristov Shopov is a Bulgarian actor and a qualified doctor. He became famous for his role in the series “Stolen Life”.

He comes from a family of actors. His paternal great-grandfather is the founder of the Starozagorsk Theater, and his great-grandmother is the actress Mara Shopova. His grandfather and grandmother are also the famous Naum Shopov and Nevena Simeonova. His parents are devoted to the acting profession.

His father Hristo Shopov became very famous for his role as Pontius Pilate in The Passion of the Christ, and his mother Mariana Stanisheva is an actress and casting director. His aunt Lisa Shopova is an actress and theater director, and his cousin Asen Mutafchiev is also an actor.

His most significant role is in the medical series “Stolen Life”, where he plays Dr. Boris Tasev (seasons 3 – 11), an abdominal surgeon at St. Kiril”, director and owner of the hospital “St. Anastasia”.

Since 2022, he has been the host of the reality show “The Bachelor” on BBC

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