What Martin thinks of the Elders: “Am I a schemer and a coward again?” – Famous

What Martin thinks of the Elders: “Am I a schemer and a coward again?” – Famous
What Martin thinks of the Elders: “Am I a schemer and a coward again?” – Famous

This year, the surprises and tension in “Games of the Will” continue, and it looks like it will be like that until the finale itself. This is due in large part to the dramatic casts between the tribes, which often confuse the plans and the best strategists.

This is exactly what happened recently and with Martin, who went from being a leader in the Elder tribe to an outsider among the Gladiators.

Martin may be nominated and fighting to stay tonight, but he showed that he will not leave the show without a fight – both in the arena and in the social game.

Having tried in every way to win at least a temporary ally in the red tribe, Martin, without much surprise, accepted his fate and tonight he will face Maria Oryashkova in an elimination match.

Martin’s tactics have led some viewers to recognize him as one of the show’s most skilled strategists, while others see him as a schemer and hypocrite. However, one thing is certain – the businessman is among the most dangerous enemies and opponents.

While we all wait to find out if he will fight for his place in the game tonight, Martin did not miss an opportunity to comment on the events of the show on social networks.

On his Instagram story, he shared moments from last night’s episode, like comments on the behavior of his former tribe in his absence:

“Come see now the ones I pushed to the finish, what are they going to do but spit on me behind my back!” Martin wrote.

We talk about…

With his statement, he seems to be referring to some blue tribe players who played in a coalition with him, but are now quick to distance themselves from his behavior and even imply that they were among his victims in the social game. And judging by the moments from tonight’s episode that we already saw last night, it seems that this is exactly how Denislava herself, who was his closest person, acted.

“After today and tomorrow, will I again be a hypocrite, schemer and coward number 1 in the country???”, Martin asks on Instagram, posting a photo from last night’s Council of Elders.

During the council, almost the entire tribe voted against Oryashkova with the explanation that she is the one who performs the weakest in the fights. She herself and Victoria, however, had a different opinion – that and both will fall victim to a coalition on the part of the men and Denislava.

Dwhether Maria will be able to return to the Elders and continue her game in a different way, or Martin will prevail and continue to stir up the spirits among the participants, we will find out tonight at 8 pm on NOVA.

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