Adele confirmed: I am married

Adele confirmed: I am married
Adele confirmed: I am married

The singer Adele has unexpectedly confirmed the rumors that she has married her partner Rich Paul, during the comedy show of her close friend Alan Carr. Two people in the audience have already confirmed the news, and the public recognition of the singer happens shortly after some time ago, talking about Rich in an interview, he called him her “husband”, reports “Daily Mail”.

“Tonight I attended Alan Carr’s Comedy Show in Los Angeles and Adele was in the audience. Alan asked if anyone in the audience had recently gotten married and Adele exclaimed, ‘Me,'” says a guest at the event. His words are also confirmed by another attendee .” When he asked if anyone had gotten married recently, she exclaimed, “Me.” It was so cute and sweet, but it happened literally at the very end of the show,” the eyewitness said.

According to them, Adele was in the company of her friend and had a lot of fun. “She didn’t care if anyone recognized her because she had come to enjoy her best friend’s humor,” explains an attendee.

So far, there is no official confirmation from the singer’s team. Rich, 41, who is a sports agent, recently revealed that he and Adele have been very supportive during their two-year relationship. However, he preferred not to clarify whether the two were married, explaining that “these are personal things that are not for the media.”

As is known, the winner of a bunch of music awards has a 10-year-old son, Angelo, who is the fruit of her love with Simon Konecki, to whom the Briton was married for three years. Some time ago, she announced that she was ready for another child, and no wonder, after the news of the wedding, we should also hear about her pregnancy, writes

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