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Camelia continues to hide how she got her baby

Camelia continues to hide how she got her baby
Camelia continues to hide how she got her baby

Camellia, who surprisingly became a mother on Easter, continues to not explain how exactly she got her heir. In an interview with BTV, the singer recalled that she had been waiting for her son Bayan for 15 years, but did not specify how the child actually appeared. It’s no secret that she has experienced several miscarriages over the years.

“This was a very big personal battle of mine for 15 years. I can safely say that I have experienced everything, I tried everything, I gave my best, there were moments when I suffered a lot physically, mentally even more. It was associated with a lot of losses, hopes, pain, joys for a short time, a lot of disappointments, hating and envying myself. I experienced perhaps the entire palette of emotions that a person is capable of experiencing, but I did not give up,” she shared.

The singer recalled that about 150,000 couples in Bulgaria have difficulties becoming parents.

“The problem is that sometimes a woman has a serious problem with another disease that she has cured, but the reproductive organ has been removed. Then it becomes an even bigger problem because she has the genetic material, but no longer has the physical ability to become a mother,” explained the singer in front of “The Nikolaos Tsitiridis Show”.

On the show, Camelia was beaming, but it was striking that the presenter did not ask her about the rumors about how the child was born. It is a public secret that a Ukrainian woman aborted Camelia’s baby, which, however, Tsvetin recognized as his own and thus legalized the otherwise illegal surrogacy in our country. For this purpose, the couple paid around 40,000 euros – something that first reported back in the spring.

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