Beloslava in a love affair with Hook

Beloslava in a love affair with Hook
Beloslava in a love affair with Hook

And the singer Beloslava is already in the club of young grandmothers. The 49-year-old performer was delighted by her daughter Bozhidara with a granddaughter named Yana. The news became clear from the Instagram of the young girl, who published a photo of the little one on her profile and greeted her with the words: “After a long wait, we finally met!”. Congratulations immediately poured under the publication, with everyone wishing the little one to be very healthy, to inherit the talent of her grandparents, and to grow up happy and carefree.

Bozhidara is 25 years old and has her own clothing brand inspired by her love for extreme sports. The baby’s father is the climber Viktor Chaushev. This is the first child for the two lovers.

We remind you that in the summer Beloslava was caught driving while intoxicated. The 49-year-old performer was arrested for 24 hours under the Law on the Ministry of Internal Affairs, after she was stopped on July 11 at around 3:30 a.m. on Alexander Pushkin Blvd. The inspection was carried out after the uniformed officers noticed the swinging Beloslava leaving a 24-hour shop.

The singer of “Listen to me” refused to give a blood sample, and the dragger surprisingly turned out to be without a seal, and accordingly the result of 1.25 ppm of alcohol is unprovable in court. Most likely, she will get away with the lightest punishment – a fine and confiscation of her license for up to 12 months.

Some time ago, a fan of Beloslava officially wrote that most likely her favorite was not only drunk, but also drugged. That is why she refused to give a blood sample. Most of the people who drive after using drugs refuse to give a blood sample, because they will only get away with a fine of BGN 2,000 and the driver’s right to drive a motor vehicle for 24 months. The family of the talented singer stood firmly behind her. On February 1, Beloslava and her husband Evgeni Ionov celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary. In the meantime, rumors of a divorce spread, but at this stage, Beloslava and Evgeni have cemented their relationship.

In 1992, the performer went to study at Santa Monica College in California. The beginning is more than terrible. At the airport, she realizes that her luggage is lost. She left Bulgaria with a winter coat, and in Los Angeles the temperature is over 35 degrees. The family friend who is supposed to meet her and take her to the accommodation and the college hangs up and disappears. Beloslava sets off alone with a map of the city in her hands, changes buses and manages to reach a coastal boulevard at dusk. She realizes she won’t find the college building by herself. He calls another friendly family and says he is on Pico Boulevard. “Stay there and don’t move,” the woman orders her, coming and taking her away. Then the curly-haired performer learns that she has ended up in the so-called homeless area, and it is not the safest place in the city at all.

Beloslava studied advertising photography at Santa Monica College. It is the only art-related major in it besides music. And the reason he didn’t enroll in the music faculty is that he only sees gospel singers there. More specifically, they are all black boys and girls. And he makes the right decision – since he cannot compete with them, he tells himself that he will sing further. Although she did this for 10 years in the children’s radio choir and music and piano were her real life until then. When she comes to Sofia during her vacation, she meets Marian Valev, who becomes her boyfriend.

Marian Valev – The hook

“Then he was the playboy of NATFIZ and I am hardly his first love,” says Beloslava, who does not hide that she had a relationship with the actor. At the end of the second year of her studies, he came to Los Angeles. They live for a few months, Marian goes to auditions, does not succeed, but does not despair about it. Then he leaves and they part as friends. Then the singer realized her American dream through photography. He is fortunate to learn from great masters, one of them being George Phillips – the photographer who shot the Marlboro ads. During this period of her life, however, Beloslava says that she gained more purely human than photographic experience. And she admits that she has no interest in photography today because music has conquered her heart and mind.

When he was in his second year, he met the artist Evgeni Ionov. In fact, they have known each other since they were children because their parents are friends. During one of her vacations, the two met at a concert by Sonia Vasi in the “Universiade” hall. They are getting married in just three months. In 1998, their daughter Bozhidara was born. The girl has inherited her mother’s beauty, but prefers the profession of her father Evgeni Ionov to the profession of her mother. Bozhidara is passionate about extreme sports and painting, she graduated from the National Academy of Arts.

Beloslava’s daughter had categorically forbidden her mother to mention her in interviews and television appearances and hid from the limelight like an incense devil. When she grew up, Bozhidara became a beauty with curly hair and a serious character, moved out to live with her boyfriend and created her own clothing brand. She is a surfer as well as a kite and windsurf instructor. Of course, the last year has slowed down and is not as extreme. The girl tried to keep her pregnancy a complete secret, but in the summer there were rumors that Beloslava would become a grandmother. The singer herself neither confirmed nor denied them, but on October 14 she published happy news about her grandson. In Beloslava’s profile on social networks, hundreds of wishes for little Jana rained down, the most original ones being that her grandmother would not drive her.

A few days ago it became clear that Desi Slava, only 44 years old, is also expecting a granddaughter. Gloria became the grandmother of 47 Lazarniks, and Kaka Lara – at 49. Apparently, the fashion for famous children to become young parents has recently returned.

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